Duzk aka the big brother probably the rawest dancer of the bunch. Growing up watching kungfu movies, reading comics and getting into mischief Duzk was a bboy without even realizing it. At a tender age of 14 he discovered Hip Hop music and at the age of 15 he fell in love with Breaking.

Taken from his love for comics the name Duzk stands as a symbol for freedom and that's exactly the way Duzk dances. In the moment, spontaneous, raw and uncut. Duzk's way of dancing is the embodiment of RUGGED.

After a nasty back injury Duzk got really interested in bodyweight based workouts which let to him creating Quality Of Motion. A trainingsplatform in Rotterdam where he trains people do be stronger, faster, and just a better version of themselves.



1st Place King of The A Footwork Battle (Holland)
1st Place Floor Wars Benelux/Germany
2nd Place Floor Wars World Finals (Denmark)
1st Place Breakjunkies (Holland)
1st Place Tower of Power (Luxemburg)

TV Show: Battle of The Bboy / Dancer
TV Show: Valerio duikt onder / Participant
TV Show: Opening Performance Sterren Springen
Theatre: Breakin' Convention USA Tour
Luvbug Bowties / Model