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2nd place for The Ruggeds at the Sochi Open Championship


2nd place for The Ruggeds at the Sochi Open Championship

So we took the second place at the Sochi Open last weekend, after batlling against Top 9 (Russia) and Foundnation (Japan), we lost to Jinjo (South-Korea) in the finals. Still happy with how we did, go check out the battles below! And Jinjo see you for a revenge match soon.

The Ruggeds vs Top 9 (Russia) / Quarter Finals

The Ruggeds vs Foundnation (Japan) / Semi Final

The Ruggeds vs Jinjo (South-Korea)



Stepper // Road to the Last Chance Cypher

Always on a role, and hungry for more. Stepper is getting ready for the Red Bull BC One Last Chance Qualifier on the First of December in Nagoya, Japan. He's been around on the international circuit for a while now, entering in events like R16 Korea, IBE & Battle Of The Year. In his 3rd year of entering the BC One Holland Cypher, he finally managed to take home the win, after a fierce final against Shane (Hustle Kidz), and earn his spot in Japan. Between his rehearsals for Adrenaline, we got a moment to catch up with him about his upcoming adventure in Japan.



- Stepper, how do you feel about your upcoming trip to Japan?

"I feel good about the upcoming BC One. Since I won the Redbull Holland Cypher I've been training hard, and I feel very confident."

- How long did you prepare for this year Last Chance Qualifier?

"I Just kept on training like I always did. Last month I also started working a lot on my stamina level, since that is the main issue for most bboys."

- Did you do any specific training regarding your dance?

"Instead of focusing about working on making complete sets and moves, I trained by doing full rounds, and to always continue even if I would mess up. I always try to do a solid rounds."

- What do you think about your opponents in Japan this year?

"Some of them are really good! People like Willy (France), Zooty Zoot (South-Korea) & Yann (Russia). I personally really like their styles, but I think my power is in never ending energy, and the fact that I can still deliver good solid rounds in the Semis and the Final. Something not all my opponents are good at."

- So do you think you have a good chance?

"Yes, If I can make it through the first rounds, I think I've got a good shot!"

- And what's next for you after BC-One Japan?

"We're in the middle of our rehearsals for our new Theater Piece "Adrenaline". So I get to focus on Japan this week, and then I jump straight back into rehearsals!  

- Any last words Stepper?

"Japan be ready!!"


" Catch the livestream  7:30pm-10:30pm Local Time on"






Hip Opsession: The Ruggeds vs Mind 180

So we decided to hit up Hip Opsession last weekend, and we did good! We entered the qualifications, and made it to the finals! But the real pleasure, was to battle against Mind 180, one of the crews we've looked up to, and chilled with along the years!