Niek Traa

The Flying Dutchman

When Niek was a kid people thought he had ADHD, for his endless energy. He went from discovering flips in the countryside, to some of the biggest stages in the world. Considered as one of the most influential of his generation he's won lots of titles, like Battle Of The Year, HipOpsession and R-16. Besides being involved as a competitor, he's responsible for World Bboy Classic, the worlds most important 2vs2 bboy competition, that takes place every year in Eindhoven.He loves to work in TV, Live Performances, and large projects that involve creative people from different backgrounds. As Artistic Director of The Ruggeds, he was one of the driving forces of getting Adrenaline to the theatres.


1st Place / Red Bull BC One Europe 2007 (Germany
1st Place / R16 2010 (Korea)
2nd Place / Red Bull BC One 2010 (Japan)
1st Place / IBE Seven 2 Smoke (Holland)
1st Place / Hip Opsession 2012 (France)
1st Place /Battle Of The Year 2012 & 2013 (France)
2nd Place 2014 / Silverback Open (USA)
1st Place / B.I.S. World Wars 2015 (China)


Theatre: Adrenaline /Artistic Directory
Theatre: Ten Seconds / Dancer (Germany)
Feature Film: Street Dance 2 / Actor (UK)
Fashion Show: Nike / Model (USA)
Concert:  Fedde Le Grand / Dancer (Holland)
Performance: Madonna x Smirnoff / Dancer (USA)
Closing Ceremony: Baku Olympic Games / Dancer (Azerbaijan)
Commercial: Prosieben Superheroes / Stuntdouble (Germany)
TV: Everybody Dance Now / Dancer (Holland)