• Jan van Besouw (map)
  • 1, Thomas van Diessenstraat
  • Goirle, NB, 5051 RN
  • Netherlands

Between Us
22 November at 20:30

Psstt! This is just Between Us. The Ruggeds will be in Goirle on November, 22. Because they've been travelling around the world as a Breakdance Crew for years, they're never home anymore. Last year they were locked in Hollywood for months during their participation at World Of Dance. And if you can't go home anymore, then home has to come to you! That's why The Ruggeds are on tour with all they've got. So come take a look in the kitchen of The Ruggeds, while they take you along in their world of imagination. With a mix of music, acrobatics, humor and dance it's always a party at their place.