Roy I The Ruggeds

Roy is without a doubt one of the most creative dancers of all of us. Incorporating other dance styles and the most Random things like Comicbook Characters, fold up chairs and elephants into his dance. "Pay attention to your surroundings, and you will find inspiration everywhere around you." is what he says to his students. Adding Flexibility and complex movements to the list is what makes him hard to follow for the untrained eye and makes him a one of a kind dancer.



-Battle of the year. Braunswijck, Germany
-Found Nation anniversary. Tokyo, Japan
-Evolution 6. Atlanta, USA
-El contro swag. Sao Paulo, Brazil
-Break to be free. Tunis, Tunesia
-Redbull Checkmate. Salzburg, Austria
-Hiphip connection. Pesaro, Italy
-Eurobattle. Porto, Portugal
-UK Champs. London, UK
-IBE. Heerlen, The Netherlands
-StreetStar. Stockholm, Sweden
-Floorwars. Kopenhagen, Denmark
-Breakin World Series. Montpellier, France
-Freestyle Session, LA, USA 


-Fedde Le Grand // Dancer
-Ladies of Soul // Dancer
-Breakin' Convention in the Apollo // Dancer
-Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Presentation // Dancer
-Reebok Les Mills // Model
-Solar Festival //Dancer
-Nike // Model
-Pioneer Steez Tour Holland // Dancer
-Footlocker // Model
-TedX // Dancer
-KKNK Festival South Africa // Dancer


-Dance Dance Dance // Dancer
-Super Kidz // Coach
-Battle of the year promo clip 2014 // Dancer
-Holland's got talent // Finalist
-Everybody Dance Now // Finalist
-De Dino Show // Dancer


-Marc Ecko Watches
-Pioneer Steez
-Little Shao Portfolio
-New Yorker