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A letter to keith

We were so hyped to finally see The Prodigy perform live at Lowlands Festival this year. Unfortunately the lead singer ‘Keith Flint’ died at the age of 49, only a few months before the summer. As an ode to the band we wanted to show our appreciation and give people something that they can relate to since a lot of people were meant to see The Prodigy as well.

Here’s our letter to Keith. Rest in Peace.

Evening after evening sold out @ de parade utrecht

Without any expectations we turned out to be the highlight of De Parade in Utrecht last week. In 5 days we’ve done 15 shows with 12 sold out and 3 nearly. As we left an impact so did everyone that came to see the show. The audience has been so rewarding we couldn’t think off getting tired.

De Parade in Amsterdam will be next from 13-15th of August. Not to forget Lowlands Festival 16th of August and a special one by night in Vondelpark Amsterdam on the 9th of August!

***** ‘Opvallend veel voorstellingen op de Parade in Utrecht gaan over geschiedenis. Maar de vonkende breakdance van The Ruggeds slaat alles’.
— by the dutch newspaper ‘NRC’
Photo by Erik van ‘t Hof

Photo by Erik van ‘t Hof

Between Us - Finishing the first tour


Between Us - Finishing the first tour

The Ruggeds - Between Us - scenefoto (c) Little Shao.JPG

After our premiere on February 8th and 20 shows we successfully finished the tour in April 5th in Delft.

Our second theater piece, one of a different caliber then our previous work, from a dance show to a theater piece. With our home on stage you could have a peek in to our world, how we function and what makes us who we are, The Ruggeds.

We’re very thankful for everyone that came to visit one of our shows and we can’t wait to be back in theaters with Between Us starting this October.

Between Us wouldn’t be possible without our team and our partners:

Artistic Director: Niek Traa
Choreographer: Roy Overdijk
Dramaturge: Vincent Wijlhuizen
Assistant Choreography & Dramaturgy : Delphine “Deydey” Nguyen
Performers: Jessy 'Jazzy Gypz' Kemper / Leelou Demierre /
Niek Traa / Rico 'Zoopreme' Coker / Roy
Overdijk / Sjoerd 'Stepper' Poldermans / Tawfiq
Amrani / Virgil 'Skychief' Dey

Composers: Boi Beige, Timmy & Y’skid
Graphic design / Art direction: SPEARHEAD.NU
Decor: SPEARHEAD.NU / Ido Koppendaal / Mike
Merrington / Remy van de Pas

Light Design: Ido Koppenaal
Costume Design: Jana Januschewski

Between Us was co produced with Parktheater Eindhoven and financially supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten, Brabant C, Fonds 21 and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds with special thanks to On The One.