Already as a young kid, Rico has been an active child of physical creativity, Playing basketball, skateboarding and fearless attempt on defying gravity in any way possible. At the age of 11 he was introduced to breakdancing by a best friend from school and dance school Hotstepper, were he has practiced and pursued the life of abboy ever since. Now he is a known dancer all over the world, for his essentail style, explosive moves, unique musicality, and remarkable Characteristic. Besides being a active competitor, he is well familiar with theater play, acting, movie acting,tv programs, shows and live performances.



2nd Place - Scandinavian Break Champs 2015 (Denmark)
1st place - Enter The Circle 2015 (Germany)
1st place - Danish Championship in Break 2015 (Denmark)
1st place - Gothenburg city jam 2015 (Sweden)
2nd Place - World battle unity 2015 (France)
1st place - world boy classic 2014 (Holland)
1st place - Familia Loca 10th anniversary 2014 (Denmark)
1st place - Red Bull Bc One Cypher 2014 (Denmark)


E-Boy the show 2015 Theater (Fero Island/Norway/Sweden)
The nutcracker 2015 Theater (Denmark)
X-factor 2015 Television (Denmark)
Tuborg “Enjoy the live” 2015 Commercial (Spain)
H.C Anderson 2014 Theater (Denmark)
Show for the king of Holland 2014 (Holland)
Inner Battle 2012 Actor in film (Italy)
Get Moving 2012 Commercial (Danmark)