Quite a rush to experience
— The Guardian
Effortlessly entertaining
— The Times
Kept topping their energy
— New York Times

The Ruggeds trade the battle realm for the stage in their theatre debut, exploring the craving for Adrenaline in our society. For a short moment Adrenaline demands all focus, and disregards our tendency to look to the future. What makes us long for that uncertainty, and the unknown, fueling actions that divert us from predetermined paths?

Two hanging lights, and a bright backdrop shape the scene. A light technique by 'Motion Paintings' in the backdrop and costumes, creates a visual illusion that appears to shapeshift with the mood on stage. Along with the quality of movement, the scenery changes, and what appears to be regular hanging lights, turn out to be swinging objects as Adrenaline takes over.

Their personal relationship to Adrenaline derives from their Breaking, which has been with them for the greater part of their lives. Entrenched in drum rhythms and battle environments, they channel it to explore the boundaries of what is physically possible.Drums prove to be, once again, one of the main sources of inspiration as the original music flows through genres like Jungle, HipHop, House, and Breakbeats. Staying true to their heritage, The Ruggeds bring their skills from years of honing their craft to the theatre.

Adrenaline is a piece filled with risk, acrobatics and spontaneity that will make your heart beat faster for days to come.


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Concept, Choreography & Dance:
The Ruggeds
Andy 'Duzk' Tjong-Kim-Sang / Jessy 'Jazzy Gypz' Kemper / Niek Traa / Rico 'Zoopreme' Coker / Roy Overdijk / Sjoerd 'Stepper' Poldermans / Tawfiq Amrani / Virgil 'Skychief' Dey

Artistic director: Niek Traa
Dramaturgy & Director: Jonzi D
Assistant Director: Delphine "Deydey" Nguyen
Light design: Ido Koppenaal
Composers: Y’skid & Boi Beige
Set design & Costumes: Robin de Kruijff (Motion Paintings) / Klim van de Laarschot (Spearhead.nu)
Artwork: Klim van de Laarschot (Spearhead.nu)
Producer: Angelo Martinus
Executive Producer: Stichting Rugged Solutions
Co-Production: Parktheater Eindhoven

Brabants Kenniscentrum Kunst en Cultuur / Fonds Cultuur Participatie / Cultuur Eindhoven

Rugged Studio / Stichting Gebouw 52