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Rugged Studio // Workshop by Thias

Mathias now better known as Thias always has been one of the guys everybody got excited about when he hit the floor. Like everyone knew he was going to make some magic happen. This man is one of the dopest toprockers this culture ever saw, and he's been a mad inspiration to me for a long time.
One of the first times I went out of the country to see the scene was this event where Thias & Yaman had a callout battle. (skip to 2:30 if you want to avoid all the French talk) CRAZY!

SO, Thias will be judging World Bboy Classic this weekend, and we're happy to have him in Rugged Studio for a masterclass from 20:00 - 21:30. Be there, trust me it'll be worth the €10,-.

Peace, Niek

Thias Masterclass Rugged Studio