Right now it's thursday, we're halfway through the week here at the Breakin World Series in Montpellier. The Breakin World Series is an all new concept, where 8 crews from all over the world, travel to Montpellier, and spent an entire week in the city shooting a video. They get to choose and bring their own Director, and Music Producer.

The Ruggeds at the 2014 World Breaking Series

The Ruggeds at the 2014 World Breaking Series

So we chose to bring Eindhovens own Y'skid the most talented Beat Producer in The Netherlands for the past decade. For directing we went with Antoine Schirer, originally from France, but travelling most of his time making videos all over the world.

Keep an eye out for the video, which will probably be online soon. As well as videos from the other crews such as Morning of Owl, Top 9, Brazilian Allstars, Metling Force, Foundnation and Bboyworld Team. Or come down to Zenith Stadium in Montpellier this saturday, to watch us beat the crews mentioned above!

Day 3 Recap, 2013 Breakin World Series